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Overview of Tecalemit Flexibles® and its specialized department

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The group of 4 companies comprising Tecalemit Flexibles is wholly committed to the manufacturing, sale, and engineering of flexible connectors dedicated to fluid transfer, or hydraulic or pneumatic power transfer as well as the related couplings and adaptors.
The business was created in 1987 by Mr. Yann Tromelin who continues as the director the companies.
Each company is managed by an Operations Manager.
The business, administrative, quality, technical and digital departments are shared.



Our business department staff is highly experienced in the flexible hose and coupling industry.
The relevance of our customer consulting by our different departments is a gauge of the quality that is regularly attributed to us.
Our technical department designs coupling parts for our specialty flexible hoses, as well as their assembly accessories or on-site installations.
It also builds the machines that produce our specialty flexible hoses, their connection systems, and the test workbenches.
It creates the needed customer documentation.



In 1994, the company developed an ERP system.
This system manages all our subsidiaries’ current IT needs, and includes our quality, production and traceability systems.
With this system, we have instant access, even remotely, to data such as all of the supply, delivery, testing and non-compliance histories, etc.

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Our procurement policy is known for its extreme stability, and this is accomplished through 3 certified European companies who bring with them state-of-the-art production processes.
Sel produces in its Cerkeskoi facility our entire line of rubber hoses since the creation of the company.
Cast produces in its Turin facility, all of our standard hydraulic connectors and adaptors.
Arkema produces in its Serquigny facility, all the raw materials used in our extrusion.


Tecalemit RCMH(RCMH Industries Sas)
Hoses, connectors and flexible hoses for fluid transfer.

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The Tecalemit RCMH facilities are located in the Kermaria industrial Park, in Pont l’Abbé.
Tecalemit RCMH (trade name) was founded in 1989 and in 1991, it produced a flexible hose crimper with superior capabilities (opening up to 300 mm, 5,100 KN).
In 1994, it developed an ERP system, specifically geared for specialty flexible hose production.
It was ISO 9001 certified in 1998.


It distributes Sel hoses throughout France and produces using this line of flexible, mainly low-pressure transfer hoses, for fluids of the most diverse kind: Water, Air, Oil, Vapor, Cement, concrete, etc.
Its customer base includes:
- 50% OEM builders, especially in mechanical industries.
- 35% companies working in the engineering industry.
- 15% distributors and various customers (public works, nuclear maintenance, off-shore industries).


Tecalemit Flexibles Sas
Flexible tubes and hoses, connectors and flexible hoses for hydraulic or pneumatic power transfer


The Tecalemit Flexibles facilities are located on route de Combrit, in Pont l’Abbé.
Tecalemit was created in 1922 in Paris in order to implement its numerous patents for its proprietary lubrication.
The Tecalemit Flexibles subsidiary opened in 1972 in Blois for the production and sale of flexible hoses.
In 2003, this company's operations were divided in two: Tecalemit Aérospace which manufactures flexible hoses for the aeronautical industry and which remains in Bois, and Tecalemit Flexibles, which retains all non-aeronautical operations, customers, trademark, and patents, and relocated to Pont l’Abbé.


Tecalemit Flexibles Sas distributes hydraulic hoses and connectors for distribution, produces flexible hydraulic hoses for several builders, produces pneumatic polyamide or polyurethane hoses by extrusion as well as preformed hoses.
Its customer base includes:
- 65% distributors.
- 25% OEM builders namely in mechanical industries.
- 10% various customers (mining, rail, armament industries).


Tecamec Sarl
Precision machining


The Tecamec facilities are located in the Kermaria Industrial Park, in Pont l’Abbé.
Tecamec develops traditional machining operations: digital lathing and milling, Tig and Mig welding, deburring.
Tecamec also performs the cutting, swaging and deburring of the Sel-Tecalemit swage ferrule for use with the flexible low-pressure hose.
Its customer base includes:
- 70% of companies in the group (flexible hose end fittings press sleeves, flanges).
- 30% local clientele (shipyards, agriculture, food industry).