Rubber hose – Flexible hose high pressure – Hose assemblies – Quick coupling – Flexibles for fluid transfer

Design and production of flexible hoses for fluid and power transfer.

TECALEMIT FLEXIBLES® with its strong brand name and patents, driven and supported by professionals,is your security-guaranteed supplier of flexible pipes and tubes, hoses and fittings.

The passion of our design department, the excellence of our software tools, and our extensive industrial capabilities allow us to design and produce high-quality flexible hoses that meet our customers’ needs and specifications.

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Our many avenues of research and development include :

Tecalemit Flexibles working with its customers all along their industrial products’ life cycles.
Design, industrialization, production and customer follow-up :
Tecalemit Flexibles continually endeavors to advance the effectiveness of its products and relies on its spirit of innovation to offer its customers the ability to further their projects beyond expectations.
We develop and implement cutting edge means of assembly and techniques that advance the performance of our products.
State-of-the-art product development undertaken along with our partners leads to unparalleled results in our field.
We develop our own proprietary testing workbenches for our own internal testing.
Research and innovation are vital to our joint competitiveness.

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Our integrated development systems include :

Our engineering department, machining unit, and product prototyping coupled with our internal testing and monitoring keep us on the leading edge of efficiency and competitiveness.
This system requires expertise in the equipment used in rubber hose machining and production.
Standard validations are performed by outside organizations.

Our engineering department is equipped to offer services customized to your specifications :
- Technical assistance and consulting
- Setting out requirement specifications specific to your needs and specifications
- Digital modeling/simulation and dimensioning
- Prototype and model design, validation testing
- Industrialization plan preparation
- Equipment implementation simulation in the customer’s environment

  1. Testing and controls
  2. Industrialization plan
  3. Digital modeling/simulation
  4. Machining
  5. Prototypes
  6. Materials

Our internal testing and controls :
- Testing and calibration workbenches with disposal pit.
- Pollution elimination bench.
- Fire testing workbench for ISO standards.
- Traction testing.

Our testing validations are performed by outside organizations : 
- BV 

The engineering process development includes expertise in industrialization plan drafting.
We compile this documentation according to different requirement specifications.

- Cost analysis study
- Document management: FAT, NDT, welding procedures
- Third party inspections (BV, Lloyds etc.)
- Painting, welding files
- Dedicated plans
- Manufacturing plans
- Data sheet

These documents are drafted in French and in English.
All other languages available upon request.

We create 2D and 3D modeling as well as equipment implementation simulation in the customer’s environment according to their individual specification requirements.


2D/3D engineering software

Simulation software

Realistic project rendering

Dessin technique Rendu projet rendu dessin technique

Our Tecamec department develops machining by which we can manufacture products that are geared to our customers’ specific needs.
- CNC and conventional turning, CNC milling, TIG and MIG welding
- Cutting, swaging, deburring

Means :
- CNC turning: Mazak Quick Turn 28N Ø 320 between points = 1,000; CMZ TA20 between points 800
- Conventional lathe: Cazeneuve HB500 Ø 500 x 150 mm, EP=1,000; 220 on stand
- CNC mill: Gambin Alcera X= 800; Y = 400; Z = 600
- Deburring drum
- Welding positioner
- MIG welding station: SAFMIG 400 TIG
- welding station: ELECTROTIG 300 Adam C22
- drill press Metal forming press 20 tons
- Roscamat 400 tapping arm
- Uzay 350 automatic band saw

- MITUTOYO linear height 600 height gage
- Granite marble
- Micrometers, calibration, gage blocks, bore gage

The rigorous management of product development methods is essential for complying with technical and economic specifications.

Also, our prototyping capacities allow us to test at the earliest possible stage:
- alternative solutions.
- checking technical and/or technological solutions taken on for the future product (appearance, ergonomics, processes, etc.).
- working in parallel and in a coordinated way, in a concurrent and simultaneous engineering context.
- Optimising the product.

Our control of materials specific to our profession allow us to aim for a double competence in working/specification of materials, more particularly by controlling (destructive or non-destructive) testing of any type of material, drawing on knowledge of their production and associated safety problems.

This involves an approach with the objective of excellence in the following areas:
- Quality control approach in the area of measuring and in the production of materials.
- Controlling technological innovation.
- Knowledge and control of methods and tools suitable for undertaking a project.
- Control of the tools needed to conduct laboratory testing.
- Control of statistical and information technology tools (word processing, spreadsheets, databases etc.) to analyse and process data.
- Controlling the working out, characterisation and control of materials.

Examples of materials:
- Stainless steel / Hastelloy / Duplex / Super Duplex / Uranus B6 / special steel / bronze.
- All rubber materials / wavy / end flex / cushioned hoses / PTFE.

Our rubber, PVC & stainless steel hoses :

This complete range of rubber, PVC & stainless steel hoses allows the transport of various fluids for all types of applications.
Thanks to its official approvals, certifications, wide experience and the development of a large capacity crimping press TECALEMIT RCMH® offers a wide range of large-diametre and non-standard crimped hoses.

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Certifications :

Our compliance with the standards for all of our products and our commitment to quality demonstrates our pledge to safety and performance.

Logo certifications veritas

- ISO 9001 : 2015
Production of flexible hydraulic hoses
Sales of hydraulic hoses and connectors
Manufacturing of pneumatic tubes

- ISO 9001 : 2015
Production of industrial and hydraulic flexible hoses
Industrial rubber hoses trade

certification bureau veritas marine

- VERITAS marine division certification : 2012
Off-shore flexible hoses for ship-to-ship open sea oil transfer

- VERITAS marine division certification : 2016
Fire resistant flexible hoses for marine and offshore use

Logo certifications dreal

Type approvals issued by the management of regional industry, research, and the Brittany Environment

materiels sapeur pompier afnor

AFNOR Certification
NF 377 label (fire fighting material)

N° : 111.TA.06
N° : 111.TSR.06
N° : 111.TSR.07

certification AEO

Certified Authorized Economic Operator

AEO-C1 CERTIFICATE: Customs simplifications
AEO-S2 CERTIFICATE: Safety and security
AEO-F3 CERTIFICATE: Security and safety/customs simplification

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